All-Time NBA Mega-Draft: Rounds Seven and Eight

This is the awkward part of the draft where we have to start weighing how early to pick current stars who may have only played two or three years in the league. How do you compare these 22-year-olds with 15 year veterans? well, we tried.

Round 7: New Blood

Pick 181: Indiana Pacers (Phil): Zion Williamson

Stats: 1x All-Star

Teammates: Michael Jordan, Robert Parish, Damian Lillard, Bob Dandridge, Spencer Haywood, Robert Horry

Zion Williamson has only played 85 games in his career but already looks like an all-time talent. If he can stay healthy, Zion could be the next Charles Barkley.

Pick 182: Miami Heat (John): Rudy Tomjanovich

Stats: 5x All-Star, Hall of Fame

Teammates: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dennis Johnson, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Billy Cunningham, Fat Lever

A middle class version of Billy Cunningham as a player and a coach.

Pick 183: Denver Nuggets (Phil): Al Horford

Stats: 5x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 1x All-Defensive

Teammates: LeBron James, Alonzo Mourning, Earl Monroe, Dan Issel, Mark Price, Kemba Walker

The most consistently B+ player of the last 15 years.

Pick 184: Utah Jazz (John): Larry Nance

Stats: 3x All-Star, 3x All-Defensive

Teammates: Magic Johnson, Bob McAdoo, Bernard King, Kevin Love, Glen Rice, Rip Hamilton

Magic, King, and Nance are officially the Showtime Jazz.

Pick 185: Charlotte Hornets (Phil): Rich Guerin

Stats: 6x All-Star, 3x All-NBA, Hall of Fame

Teammates: Bill Russell, James Worthy, Tony Parker, Yao Ming, Gail Goodrich, Eddie Jones

One of the first stars in Knicks history.

Pick 186: Milwaukee Bucks (John): Alvin Robertson

Stats: 4x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 6x All-Defensive, 1x DPOY

Teammates: Wilt Chamberlain, Clyde Drexler, Denis Rodman, Dave Bing, LaMarcus Aldridge, Stephon Marbury

One of the most underrated guards of his era will bring a defensive presence lacking in Dave Bing and Marbury.

Pick 187: Phoenix Suns (Phil): Rod Strickland

Stats: 1x All NBA

Teammates: Larry Bird, Russell Westbrook, Dave Cowens, Joe Johnson, Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins

Stealing Ryen Russillo’s idea and renaming our podcast “Pod Strickland”.

Pick 188: Minnesota Timberwolves (John): David West

Stats: 2x NBA Champion, 2x All-Star

Teammates: Hakeem Olajuwon, Gary Payton, Alex English, Shawn Kemp, Walter Davis, Baron Davis

One of the biggest badasses in the league in the 2000’s.

Pick 189: Philadelphia 76ers (Phil): Gus Johnson

Stats: 1x ABA Champion, 5x All-Star, 4x All-NBA, 2x All-Defensive, Hall of Fame

Teammates: Shaquille O’Neal, Paul Pierce, Manu Ginobili, Kevin Johnson, Tom Chambers, Deron Williams

Unfortunately not the announcer.

Pick 190: Houston Rockets (John): Norm Nixon

Stats: 2x NBA Champion, 2x All-Star

Teammates: Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill, Lenny Wilkens, Marc Gasol, Drazen Petrovic

Got traded because he wasn’t Magic Johnson, now he can thrive in lineups with Duncan, Hill, McGrady, and Drazen.

Pick 191: Boston Celtics (Phil): Ben Simmons

Stats: 3x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 2x All-Defensive, 2017-18 ROY

Teammates: Kobe Bryant, Dominique Wilkins, Dikembe Mutombo, Penny Hardaway, Bobby Jones, George McGinnis

I’m just going to say I made this pick before his game 7 meltdown.

Pick 192: Detroit Pistons (John): Jermaine O’Neal

Stats: 6x All-Star, 3x All-NBA

Teammates: Kevin Durant, Willis Reed, Luka Doncic, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Mark Jackson

Was the next Kevin Garnett until the Malice at the Palace.

Pick 193: Washington Wizards (Phil): Lou Hudson

Stats: 6x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

Teammates: Oscar Robertson, George Gervin, Wes Unseld, Chris Bosh, Paul Arizin, Neil Johnston

One of the greatest Gophers ever.

Pick 194: Memphis Grizzlies (John): Terry Porter

Stats: 2x All-Star

Teammates: Julius Erving, Reggie Miller, Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin, Maurice Cheeks, Karl-Anthony Towns

Somehow Terry Porter is only 58 years old when he was born as a 45-year-old.

Pick 195: Golden State Warriors (Phil): Michael Cooper

Stats: 5x NBA Champion, 8x All-Defensive, 1x DPOY

Teammates: Steph Curry, Rick Barry, Dwight Howard, Tom Heinsohn, Jimmy Butler, Maurice Lucas

Lockdown defensive guard who was a huge part of the Showtime Lakers.

Pick 196: Dallas Mavericks (John): Mike Conley

Stats: 1x All-Star, 1x All-Defensive

Teammates: Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Adrian Dantley, Joel Embiid, Jo Jo White, Glenn Robinson

Was the best player to never make an All-Star game until they screwed it up last season.

Pick 197: Cleveland Cavaliers (Phil): Mark Aguirre

Stats: 2x NBA Champion, 3x All-Star

Teammates: Karl Malone, Walt Frazier, Pete Maravich, Nikola Jokic, Jack Twyman, Detlef Schrempf

Put the Bad Boy Pistons over the top when he was traded for Adrian Dantley.

Pick 198: Chicago Bulls (John): Maurice Stokes

Stats: 3x All-Star, 3x All-NBA, 1955-56 ROY, Hall of Fame

Teammates: Jerry West, Bob Cousy, Sam Jones, Walt Bellamy, Jack Sikma, Jason Terry

Only played three seasons in the NBA, but what a dominant stretch in which he was second team All-NBA all three years.

Pick 199: Toronto Raptors (Phil): Sam Cassell

Stats: 3x NBA Champion, 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

Teammates: Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Bob Lanier, Tim Hardaway Sr., Chet Walker, Andre Igoudala

Reunited with KG maybe they can finish what they started in 2003-04.

Pick 200: Brooklyn Nets (John): Mookie Blaylock

Stats: 1x All-Star, 6x All-Defensive

Teammates: David Robinson, John Stockton, David Thompson, Connie Hawkins, Paul Westphal, Rudy Gobert

Pearl Jam’s original band name.

Pick 201: Sacramento Kings (Phil): Joakim Noah

Stats: 2x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 3x All-Defensive, 1x DPOY

Teammates: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Artis Gilmore, Mitch Richmond, Bailey Howell, Rolando Blackman

Played his ass off for about 3.5 awesome seasons and then quickly faded away. Will add some insanity to a relatively conservative Kings lineup.

Pick 202: Los Angeles Clippers (John): Jamal Crawford

Stats: 3x Sixth Man

Teammates: Elgin Baylor, George Mikan, Hal Greer, Jerry Lucas, Jamaal Wilkes, Cliff Hagan

The greatest sixth-man of all-time.

Pick 203: Portland Trail Blazers (Phil): World B. Free

Stats: 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

Teammates: Charles Barkley, Bill Walton, Tiny Archibald, Dolph Schayes, Bradley Beal, Elton Brand

The original Metta World Peace.

Pick 204: Atlanta Hawks (John): Horace Grant

Stats: 4x NBA Champion, 1x All-Star, 4x All-Defensive

Teammates: Dwyane Wade, Anthony Davis, Chris Webber, Chauncey Billups, Brandon Roy, John Wall

If you asked Horace Grant, he would say that he should have been picked in the top 65.

Pick 205: Oklahoma City Thunder (Phil): Jayson Tatum

Stats: 2x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

Teammates: John Havlicek, Bob Pettit, Derrick Rose, Bill Sharman, Ben Wallace, Vern Mikkelsen

Almost every current and recently retired NBA legend has anointed Tatum as the next great one and he’s off to a great start.

Pick 206: Orlando Magic (John): Buck Williams

Stats: 3x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 4x All-Defensive, 1981-82 ROY

Teammates: Allen Iverson, James, Harden, Carmelo Anthony, Dave DeBusschere, Ralph Sampson, Gilbert Arenas

Some much needed big beef after going high volume scorer with four of the first six picks.

Pick 207: Los Angeles Lakers (Phil): Mel Daniels

Stats: 3x ABA Champion, 2x ABA MVP, 7x ABA All-Star, 5x All-ABA, 1967-68 ABA ROY, Hall of Fame

Teammates: Kawhi Leonard, Kevin McHale, Kyrie Irving, Sidney Moncrief, Arvydas Sabonis, Rajon Rondo

One of the greatest ABA players ever.

Pick 208: New Orleans Pelicans (John): Micheal Ray Richardson

Stats: 4x All-Star, 2x All-Defensive

Teammates: Isiah Thomas, Scottie Pippen, Nate Thurmond, Joe Dumars, Bill Laimbeer, Rasheed Wallace

Cocaine claims another victim.

Pick 209: New York Knicks (Phil): Kiki Vandeweghe

Stats: 2x All-Star

Teammates: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Steve Nash, Klay Thompson, Paul George, Brady Daugherty, Ed Macauley

Ii thought he was the greatest player ever when I got his basketball car when I was nine years old.

Pick 210: San Antonio Spurs (John): Andre Miller

Stats: 1999-2000 All-Rookie

Teammates: Chris Paul, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, Amar’e Stoudemire, Marques Johnson, Antawn Jamison

The steadiest middle-of-the-road point guard if the 2000’s.

Round 8: Defense and Shooting Win Championships

Pick 211: San Antonio Spurs (John): Charles Oakley

Stats: 1x All-Star, 2x All-Defensive

Teammates: See Round 7

Well respected and feared by everyone around the NBA except for James Dolan.

Pick 212: New York Knicks (Phil): Calvin Murphy

Stats: 1x All-Star, Hall of Fame

Only 5’9″, which is short for normal people let alone NBA stars.

Pick 213: New Orleans Pelicans (John): Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)

Stats: 1x NBA Champion, 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 4x All-Defensive, 1x DPOY

John is just trolling us now.

Pick 214: Los Angeles Lakers (Phil): Devin Booker

Stats: 2x All-Star

Moved to LA so he can be closer to the Kardashians.

Pick 215: Orlando Magic (John): Tayshaun Prince

Stats: 1x NBA Champion, 4x All-Defensive

Finally focusing on defense to make up for Iverson, Harden, and Melo.

Pick 216: Oklahoma City Thunder (Phil): Bob Love

Stats: 3x All-Star, 2x All-NBA, 3x All-Defensive

Don’t look this up but Bob Love is the only ’70s “power Forward” that didn’t average 17 rebounds per game.

Pick 217: Atlanta Hawks (John): Khris Middleton

Stats: 1x NBA Champion, 2x All-Star

Proved his mettle in the NBA Finals last season.

Pick 218: Portland Trail Blazers (Phil): Marcus Camby

Stats: 4x All-Defensive, 1x DPOY

Middle class version of Dikembe Mutombo.

Pick 219: Los Angeles Clippers (John): Zelmo Beaty

Stats: 1x ABA Champion, 2x NBA All-Star (3x ABA), 2x All-ABA, Hall of Fame

Was Zelmo a popular name in the ’60s?

Pick 220: Sacramento Kings (Phil): Norm Van Lier

Stats: 3x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 8x All-Defensive

More defense coming off the bench for the Kings.

Pick 221: Brooklyn Nets (John): Dan Majerle

Stats: 3x All-Star, 2x All-Defensive

If Don Johnson was 6’6″ and could stroke a three.

Pick 222: Toronto Raptors (Phil): DeAndre Jordan

Stats: 1x All-Star, 3x All-NBA, 2x All-Defensive

Hopefully I won’t have to kidnap him to make sure he doesn’t sign with another team in free agency.

Pick 223: Chicago Bulls (John): Louie Dampier

Stats: 1x ABA Champion, 7x ABA All-Star, 4x All-ABA, Hall of Fame

ABA all-timer.

Pick 224: Cleveland Cavaliers (Phil): Ron Harper

Stats: 5x NBA Champion

Integral part of the Bulls dynasty as well as the best Kenan & Kel cameo. Jordan could never.

Pick 225: Dallas Mavericks (John): Sean Elliot

Stats: 1x NBA Champion, 2x All-Star

First NBA player to return from a kidney transplant.

Pick 226: Golden State Warriors (Phil): Donovan Mitchell

Stats: 2x All-Star

The best player on the best regular season team is on the cusp of superstardom.

Pick 227: Memphis Grizzlies (John): Allan Houston

Stats: 2x All-Star

Budget Ray Allen.

Pick 228: Washington Wizards (Phil): Tyson Chandler

Stats: 1x NBA Champion, 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 3x All-Defensive, 1x DPOY

Could be the best player to average eight points per game in NBA history.

Pick 229: Detroit Pistons (John): Jeff Hornacek

Stats: 1x All-Star

Did everyone who played for Phoenix from 1977-1994 score 17 points per game?

Pick 230: Boston Celtics (Phil): Dale Ellis

Stats: 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

A beautiful shooter of the basketball.

Pick 231: Houston Rockets (John): Zach Randolph

Stats: 2x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

An esteemed member of the Jail Blazers and the Grit and Grind Grizzlies.

Pick 232: Philadelphia 76ers (Phil): CJ McCollum

Stats: 2015-16 Most Improved

Soon to be the best player to never make an All-Star team.

Pick 233: Minnesota Timberwolves (John): Michael Redd

Stats: 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

Rich man’s Monta Ellis.

Pick 234: Phoenix Suns (Phil): Terry Cummings

Stats: 2x All-Star, 2x All-NBA, 1982-83 ROY

Allegedly the strongest man in the history of civilization.

Pick 235: Milwaukee Bucks (John): Vin Baker

Stats: 4x All-Star, 2x All-NBA

Most Team USA player since pros were allowed to participate.

Pick 236: Charlotte Hornets (Phil): Larry Foust

Stats: 8x All-Star, 2x All-NBA

Played all the way back when the NBA had a franchise in Fort Wayne.

Pick 237: Utah Jazz (John): Gus Williams

Stats: 1x NBA Champion, 2x All-Star, 2x All-NBA

An overqualified backup for Magic Johnson.

Pick 238: Denver Nuggets (Phil): Gordon Hayward

Stats: 1x All-Star

Somewhere between Larry Bird and Steve Alford

Pick 239: Miami Heat (John): Latrell Sprewell

Stats: 4x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 1x All-Defensive

Better not hire P.J. Carlesimo to coach.

Pick 240: Indiana Pacers (Phil): Otis Birdsong

Stats: 4x All-Star, 1x All-NBA

Michael Jordan is going to do everything in his power to destroy his confidence in practice.