The 10 Worst Timberwolves Players Ever

History remembers the greats. Great warriors, kings and queens, great writers and scientists, and even great athletes. Of those great athletes, only one ever graced the Minnesota Timberwolves with his presence (that would be Kevin Garnett). Garnett is the only great player in Wolves history while there are a few (and only a few) other notables (Kevin Love, Karl-Anthony Towns, and a guy named Pooh). Most of the players who suited up for the worst franchise in NBA history have been really, really, really bad and that’s saying something (one of their best guys goes by Pooh). Of those bad players I sifted through the shit and found the ten worst players that ever played for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The only criteria I had was that each player had to have played at least 50 games in a Timberwolves jersey, and at least 100 games in their NBA careers. That criteria is why you won’t see many players from the last few years on this list because they haven’t played enough games. The other big omission due to the games played criteria is one Ndudi Ebi who only played 19 games in his NBA career. Ok lets just get through this so I can forget about these guys as fast as possible.


10. Anthony Bennett

NBA Stats: 151 games  4.4 ppg  3.1 rpg  0.5 apg  39.2 FG%  10.2 PER                  Timberwolves Stats: 57 games  5.2 ppg  3.8 rpg  0.8 apg  42.1 FG%  11.4 PER 

Anthony Bennett is by far the worst number one draft pick in the history of the NBA. You can’t really blame him as he was never supposed to go first overall. In 2013 most experts had him between 4th and 10th, but the Cavs surprised everyone and took Bennett. He never escaped the expectations that follow a top pick and failed to produce for the Cavs in his rookie year. He was quietly part of the trade that sent Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota and Kevin Love to Cleveland. With the Timberwolves Bennett showed little to no improvement and was only valued as another big body. If he would have been picked 10th overall in 2013 Bennett could have had a decent career as a role player but the stigma of being a huge bust was too much and Bennett has been out of the league since 2017.


9. Reggie Jordan

NBA Stats: 186 games  2.7 ppg  1.8 rpg   1 apg  43.3 FG%  14.1 PER                                          Timberwolves Stats: 94 games  2.3 ppg  1.7 rpg  1 apg  43.5  FG%  13.7 PER

Reggie Jordan just never really got much run in the NBA. He averaged nine minutes a game and didn’t do much in the playing time he got. Jordan was slightly more efficient than some of the other guys on this list, but he has been utterly forgotten since he finished his career in 2000.


8. Adreian Payne

NBA Stats: 107 games 4 ppg  2.9 rpg  0.6  apg  40.6 FG%  8.0 PER                                        Timberwolves Stats: 99 games  4.1 ppg  3.1 rpg  0.7  apg  40 FG%  7.7 PER

I’m pretty sure Jim Petersen though Payne was the second coming of Kevin Garnett. If you just listened to the Wolves broadcasts during Paynes tenure you would think Payne was some great talent who never got a chance to show off his other-worldly talent. That wasn’t exactly the case. Watching him play was like watching a 78 year old Al Jefferson. Payne is 6’10” and could only manage to shoot 40% in his career. He’s the ultimate bench player for the latest iteration of the Wolves, put up meaningless numbers but add nothing of substance to make the team any better from 2014-17.


7. Justin Reed

NBA Stats: 136 games  3.5 ppg  1.4 rpg  0.5 apg  40.4 FG%  8 PER                                            Timberwolves Stats: 81 games  4.4 ppg  1.7 rpg  0.6 apg  40.9 FG%  8.7 PPG

I don’t fucking remember Justin Reed at all.



6. Stojko Vrankovic

NBA Stats: 170 games  2.8 ppg  3 rpg  0.3 apg  47.7 FG%  9.7 PER                                            Timberwolves Stats: 53 games  3.4 ppg  3.2 rpg  0.3 apg  56.1 FG%  10.1 PER

Vrankovic played for the Wolves during the 1996-97 season and was a 7’2″ rim protector. He only played 12 minutes a game in his career but still managed to to average 1.1 blocks off the bench. He spent 4 years in-between playing with the Celtics and Timberwolves playing in Greece. Vrankovic is much more successful since he retired from the NBA and is now the President of the Croatian Basketball Federation.


5. Loren Woods

NBA Stats: 215 games  2.6 ppg  3.2 rpg  0.3 apg  41.9 FG%  11.2 PER                                    Timberwolves Stats: 98 games  1.9 ppg  2.2 rpg  0.4 apg  36 FG%  9.9 PER

Woods was drafted s possibly the poor man’s Kevin Garnett and just became a poor man’ basketball player. At 7’1″ Woods couldn’t even shoot 42 percent from the field. Dude you’re huge as fuck just bulldoze some fools to the hoop and score at will. Apparently that wasn’t in Loren’s DNA. He might be the softest player I’ve ever seen play live, and I played with my brother. Woods had zero athleticism and played with a motor that could power those coin operated rocket ships in the mall food court. He only played for the Wolves for two seasons (’01-03) and was somehow worse than the rest of his illustrious NBA career. Loren Woods is probably the most disappointed I’ve been in a late round draft pick in the history of my sad, pathetic life.



4. Lance Blanks

NBA Stats: 142 games 2 ppg  0.8 rpg  0.8 apg  43.6 FG%  8.8 PER                                              Timberwolves Stats: 61 games  2.6 ppg  1.1 rpg  1.2 apg  43.3 FG%  8.4 PER

Picked just ahead of serviceable big man Elden Campbell and three-time champ Toni Kukoc, Blanks only lasted three years in the NBA. Blanks played in all of one playoff game in his illustrious career, scoring two points, and it wasn’t even for the Wolves. Since leaving the NBA (a nice way of saying nobody wanted him) Blanks stayed associated with the NBA working as the assistant GM of the Cavs before he became the GM of the Suns from 2010-2013.


3. Sidney Lowe

NBA Stats: 293 games  2.9 ppg  1.7 rpg  3.9 apg  36.7 FG%  10.4 PER                                      Timberwolves Stats: 80 games  2.3 ppg  2 rpg  4.2 apg  31.9 FG%  8.7 PER

Somehow he was a better coach than player and he was 79-228 as a coach. Lowe backed up a guy named Pooh for his the inaugural Wolves season and played like it. Minnesota was so bad in its first season Sidney Lowe somehow started 38 games. Lowe has spent most of his post playing days right where he belongs, as an assistant coach of a usually bad team.

2. Mark Madsen

NBA Stats: 453 games  2.2 ppg  2.6 rpg  0.4 apg  45.7 FG%  8.1 PER                                          Timberwolves Stats: 270 games  1.8 ppg  2.5 rpg  0.3 apg  46.4 FG%  6.6 PER

The KEY to two Lakers championships Mark Madsen is in the pantheon of weird white dudes who can’t dance. Madsen is the epitome of big body off the bench to grab two rebounds and get a couple of fouls. He played for the Wolves for six seasons from 2003-2009 and racked up a whopping 497 points…and 535 fouls. The only reason he was in the league was because he was 6’9″ 240 pounds. Madsen was somehow on the best Wolves team in 2003-04. He was a horrible basketball player who somehow played the most games of anyone on this list, probably because he’s the most lovable guy on the list. Even Shaq loved Madsen, that counts for something. He’s number two on the list, but number one in my heart.

1. William Avery

NBA/Timberwolves Stats: 142 games  2.7 ppg  0.7 rpg  1.4 apg  33.0 FG%  7.3 PER

Avery was picked to be the heir apparent to Terrell Brandon, instead he became just another Duke hack who couldn’t make it in the NBA. Avery is the rare lottery pick who only played three seasons in the NBA. He could never adjust to athleticism of the NBA after he shot 46 percent in college, Avery could only muster 33 percent in the pros. He is the highest draft pick on this list, making him the worst and one of the most disappointing picks in Wolves history (behind Wes Johnson, Derrick Williams, and anyone David Kahn picked ahead of Steph Curry). Avery had a forgettable career, but will now always be remembered as the worst Timberwolf of all-time.

In more than 30 years as the laughing stock of the NBA, the Wolves have had one great player, a few decent ones, 50 feet of shit, and then there’s these guys who I just listed.