It’s Time to Bring Back Slamball

What if I told you there was a sport our that that combines basketball, football, hockey, and adds a bunch of trampolines, would you be interested? Of course you would, welcome to Slamball.

Slamball was founded in 2002 with games regularly airing on Spike TV from 2002-2003. Slamball was fairly popular for. few years, but was all but forgotten about by 2009. It’s time to bring one of the greatest hybrid sports back to life for mass viewing.

The basic premise is pretty simple. It’s essentially played like a basketball game four-on-four with a few major differences. The first and best is that there are four trampolines scattered around each end of the court. These are for dudes to launch and do sick dunks off of which is 99.9 percent of the reason why Slamball is awesome. It is basically real life NBA Jam, but the defenders can hit you. Defenders can check you just like in hockey, and the court is surrounded by boards very similar to a hockey rink.

After a few seasons Slamball eventually faded out of the sports consciousness of Americans, and late found a small level of fame in Australia and the China. Why on Earth would people stop watching such an entertaining and endlessly fun sport. Who doesn’t like huge dunks and big hits? Those are the two best things in any sport. Anyways it has been out of my life long enough, it is finally time to bring back Slamball and make it a mainstream sport in America.