60+ Can’t Miss “Young” TV Show Ideas

With the new hit TV show Young Rock premiering on NBC on February 16th, a series depicting young Collin Kaepernick coming to Netflix, and Young Sheldon dominating the Karenverse and even popping up in a playoff football game on Nickelodeon, here’s a list of more “Young” shows that the networks need to pay me to create for them ASAP.

Young Kong vs. Young Godzilla

Young Mighty Joe Young

Young Pence

Young John Wick

Young Tom Brady

Young Mike Brady

Young Shea Serrano (Call it Shea’s Days)

Young Tiger King

Young Young Jeezy

Young Logan Roy

Young Masked Singer

Young Dwight Schrute (Call it Schrute’s Roots)

Young Kramer

Young Ron Swanson

Young Dr. Evil

Young Golden Girls

Young McConaughey

Young Terminator

Young O.J.

Young Undertaker (Youngertaker)

Young Captain Raymond J. Holt

Young Tyrion

Young Nick Young

Young Charles Barkley

Young Jokic

Image result for young nikola jokic picture

Young Joker

Young Bachelor

Young Denzel

Young Thanos

Young Keyser Söze

Young Macho Man Randy Savage (Call it Macho Boy)

Young Ron Burgundy

Young Lebowski

Young Boris Johnson

Young Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Young Stephen A.

Young Drago (Call it Dolph Young-gren)

Young Two and a Half Men

Young Zodiac

Young Ted Cruz (Same thing as young Zodiac)

Young Kobe

Young Brigham Young

Young Steve Young

Young Snape (Very Erotic)

Young Dumbledore (Call it Youngledore)

Young Joey Chestnut

Young Morris Chestnut

Young Prince

Young Brett Kavanaugh (Featuring PJ and Squee)

Young Afflecks

Young Whalbergs

Young Whalburgers

Young Q

Young Yoda (Not Baby Yoda)

Young Socrates

Young RBG

Young Gandalf (so much weed)

Young Thatcher

Young Frank Reynolds

Young Hulk

Young Hulk Hogan

And last and most likely to get made…Old Sheldon

Obviously these are all pitches for sitcoms on FOX because FOX will put anything on the air.