NBA Power Rankings According to the Roy Family (And Friends)

We’re a quarter of the way through the 2021-22 NBA season and like any good business, teams are evolving before our eyes. The Warriors’ stock is back to pre-Durant levels, the Suns can’t fucking lose, while the Lakers are just trying to survive the next shareholders meeting. But the fun thing about the NBA is that anything can happen over the next 60-plus games. Teams that have a hot first can still find themselves tanking at the season’s end, middling teams can get hot down the stretch, and injuries can and will wreak havoc on a team’s bottom line. As the calendar flips to December it’s time to buckle down, consolidate power, and for some, it might be time for a blood sacrifice to scrape their way into the play-in tournament.

1.) Golden State Warriors

Feeling Good Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO

2.) Phoenix Suns

Winning Brian Cox GIF by SuccessionHBO

3.) Brooklyn Nets

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4.) Milwaukee Bucks

Sarah Snook Love GIF by SuccessionHBO

5.) Utah Jazz

Hbo Exes GIF by SuccessionHBO

6.) Miami Heat

Hbo Thumbs Up GIF by SuccessionHBO

7.) Chicago Bulls

Excited Game Day GIF by SuccessionHBO

8.) Philadelphia 76ers

9.) Washington Wizards

Game Time Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO

10.) Atlanta Hawks

an imbecility to make one afraid — Dad wants to stop me. Well, tell him to  get in...

11.) Los Angeles Clippers

12.) Charlotte Hornets

gif: nat Tumblr posts -

13.) New York Knicks

Jeremy Strong Beyonce GIF by SuccessionHBO

14.) Dallas Mavericks

Succession: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO on Make a GIF

15.) Minnesota Timberwolves

Succession Sucesssion Season3 GIF - Succession Sucesssion Season3 Omg I  Love Succession So Much - Discover & Share GIFs

16.) Denver Nuggets

Matthew Macfadyen Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO

17.) Boston Celtics

Leave Me Alone Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO

18.) Los Angeles Lakers

 roman succession GIF

19.) Cleveland Cavaliers

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20.) Portland Trail Blazers

Hbo Fail GIF by SuccessionHBO

21.) Memphis Grizzlies

22.) Toronto Raptors

Hbo Bro GIF by SuccessionHBO

23.) Indiana Pacers

These Roman GIFs Prove He's the Best Succession Character | POPSUGAR  Entertainment UK

24.) Sacramento Kings

Brian Cox Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO

25.) San Antonio Spurs

that's on you, babe. — GIF request meme - @panesars​ asked - Succession...

26.) Oklahoma City Thunder

Angry Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO

27.) New Orleans Pelicans

Greg No GIF by SuccessionHBO

28.) Detroit Pistons

Hbo You Look Terrible GIF by SuccessionHBO

29.) Orlando Magic

Hbo Explosion GIF by SuccessionHBO

30.) Houston Rockets

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NBA Power Rankings According to Roy Kent

It’s been a weird start to the NBA’s 75th season, almost as weird as an American football coach making his way to the English Premier League. The Ben Simmons saga, Kyrie Irving’s flat galaxy brain, and the Minnesota Timberwolves are the most fun basketball team of all time. It’s hard to judge how good a team actually is when every team has played either two or three games, but it’s time for overreactions six days into the new season. Are the Lakers going to miss the playoffs? Will Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards share the MVP award, and can the Thunder actually go 0-82. What better way to sum up the warm feeling we all get when the NBA returns and the internal rage at some of the early storylines that have nothing to do with basketball than the Legend Roy Kent. Because just like Ben Simmons trade rumors (and Covid), he’s here, he’s there, he’s every fucking where.

1.) Milwaukee Bucks

it's gif not jif | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

2.) Utah Jazz - Tumbex

3.) Golden State Warriors

Roykent Belive GIF - Roykent Belive - Discover & Share GIFs

4.) Philadelphia 76ers

mostly for reblogs

5.) Chicago Bulls

RE: Roy Kent is my spirit animal.

6.) Charlotte Hornets

Ted Lasso Roy Kent GIF - Ted Lasso Roy Kent AFC Richmond - Discover & Share  GIFs

7.) Denver Nuggets

Ted Lasso - Page 4 - Bald Move

8.) Miami Heat

I have hope or I am nothing — youngsamberg: TED LASSO (2020 - ) He's the  one,...

9.) Atlanta Hawks

Ted Lasso Roy Kent GIF - Ted Lasso Roy Kent AFC Richmond - Discover & Share  GIFs

10.) Brooklyn Nets

clairmontbishops Tumblr blog with posts -

11.) Memphis Grizzles

Roy Kent Tedlassogifs GIF - Roy Kent Tedlassogifs Brett Goldstein -  Discover & Share GIFs

12.) New York Knicks

roy kent stan account! — “I think he's a really good match. I mean, he's...

13.) Portland Trail Blazers

Zip It Shut Your Mouth GIF by Apple TV

14.) Los Angeles Lakers

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15.) Minnesota Timberwolves

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16.) Washington Wizards

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17.) Phoenix Suns

Roy Kent GIFs | Tenor

18.) Indiana Pacers

Shake Head No GIF by Apple TV

19.) Toronto Raptors

Animated GIF

20.) Dallas Mavericks

I have hope or I am nothing — youngsamberg: TED LASSO (2020 - ) He's the  one,...

21.) Cleveland Cavaliers

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22.) Sacramento Kings

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23.) San Antonio Spurs

RE: F bombs don't count when Roy Kent says them.

24.) Boston Celtics

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25.) Houston Rockets

Ted Lasso Roy Kent GIF - Ted Lasso Roy Kent Please Stop - Discover & Share  GIFs

26.) Los Angeles Clippers

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27.) Orlando Magic

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28.) Detroit Pistons

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29.) New Orleans Pelicans

Movies and Chill — loveexpelrevolt:ROY KENT + the Fuck! of...

30.) Oklahoma City Thunder

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NBA Power Rankings According to Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington would come into the NBA and immediate become the greatest coach of all-time. He took the raggedy Titans and turned them into the greatest defensive team in the history of high school football and cured racism along the way. In He Got Game Denzel became the greatest force in NCAA recruiting history by getting out of prison and getting his son Jesus Shuttlesworth (AKA Ray Allen) to go to Big State. That’s like of I told LeBron James to go to Minnesota just for shits and he fucking did and won a national championship. Even Alonzo Harris inspired sad boy Jake Hoyt to become a great cop. Dude didn’t have the drive until Detective Harris left him for dead and tried to set him up for some crimes, a real motivator. Hell, he could take the Timberwolves and turn them into a contender, just gotta get out the PCP.

1.) Brooklyn Nets

2.) Utah Jazz

3.) Philadelphia 76ers

4.) Milwaukee Bucks

5.) Phoenix Suns

6.) Los Angeles Lakers

7.) Los Angeles Clippers

8.) Denver Nuggets

9.) Portland Trail Blazers

10.) Dallas Mavericks

11.) Miami Heat

12.) San Antonio Spurs

13.) Golden State Warriors

14.) Boston Celtics

15.) Atlanta Hawks

16.) New York Knicks

17.) Memphis Grizzlies

18.) Indiana Pacers

19.) Charlotte Hornets

20.) New Orleans Pelicans

21.) Chicago Bulls

22.) Toronto Raptors

23.) Oklahoma City Thunder

24.) Cleveland Cavaliers

25.) Washington Wizards

26.) Sacramento Kings

27.) Orlando Magic

28.) Minnesota Timberwolves

29.) Detroit Pistons

30.) Houston Rockets

Now we just gotta get Will Patton to sign on as the Timberwolves’ defensive specialist. We are the Timberwolves, the mighty mighty Timberwolves. Quick comp of the Wolves and Titans rosters. KAT is Gerry Bertier, Anthony Edwards is Julius, Rubio is sunshine (obviously), DLo is Petey, Beasley is Gosling, Naz is Blue, and Glen Taylor is Ray (the racist one), lastly I’m Hayden Panettiere but with way more swearing.

NBA Power Rankings According to Ben Affleck

“What the fuck is the internet”

“The internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can bitch about movies and share pornography with one another.”

Wise words from the patron saint of Dunkin’ Donuts Ben Affleck. The internet is now a place where people can share their NBA power rankings with a lot of unrelated Ben Affleck GIFs. Three weeks into the season and basically all of the NBA is 5-5, with a few standouts and several clunkers, much like Affleck’s career. But you know what the best part of my day is? It’s the ten seconds before the games begin because I let my self think the games might end and the Timberwolves won’t be losing, they just won. Now I don’t know much, but I do know that.

1.) Los Angeles Lakers

A Study of Quintessential Movie Dirt Bags in GIF Form | by MEL | MEL  Magazine | Medium

2.) Los Angeles Clippers

ben affleck smoking ben affleck gif | WiffleGif

3.) Philadelphia 76ers

4.) Milwaukee Bucks

Best Ben Affleck Dazed And Confused GIFs | Gfycat

5.) Phoenix Suns

6.) Boston Celtics

Movie ben affleck matt damon GIF - Find on GIFER

7.) Indiana Pacers

8.) Brooklyn Nets

Latest Affleck GIFs | Gfycat

9.) Dallas Mavericks

If You White Then You Ben Affleck GIFs | Tenor

10.) Utah Jazz

Affleck, you da bomb in Phantoms, yo! - GIF on Imgur

11.) Denver Nuggets

12.) Portland Trail Blazers

13.) Golden State Warriors

14.) Miami Heat

15.) Orlando Magic

Good Will Hunting - Funny Job Interview (Ben Affleck) animated gif

16.) Atlanta Hawks

Ben Affleck Math GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

17.) San Antonio Spurs

18.) Houston Rockets

19.) New Orleans Pelicans

Good Will Hunting (1997) - Ending "He's Not There" on Make a GIF

20.) Charlotte Hornets

Fave Film: Ben Affleck: FML Main Chatter Chatter - Fantasy Movie League

21.) Oklahoma City Thunder

john goodman ben affleck gif | WiffleGif

22.) New York Knicks

23.) Toronto Raptors

24.) Chicago Bulls

Ben Affleck Nooooo Reaction Gif To Being The New Batman

25.) Cleveland Cavaliers

26.) Sacramento Kings

Best Ben Affleck Stare GIFs | Gfycat

27.) Memphis Grizzlies

Ben Affleck vs. Matt Damon: Who's Had the Better Career? | Sharp Magazine

28.) Washington Wizards

29.) Minnesota Timberwolves

30.) Detroit Pistons

The internet has given everyone in America a voice. For some reason, I decided to use that voice to bitch about Ben Affleck. Affleck, if you’re reading, you the bomb in Phantoms yo!

2020-21 Preseason NBA Rankings According to Kurt Russell

This is Phil Ford in the Dunking on Oxford blog and I’m talking to whoever’s listening out there. The NBA season is just two weeks away, and a lot has happened since last season ended just two months ago. Who better to convey where each team stands before the season kicks off than our lord and savior Kurt Russell? So take my advice on a dark and stormy offseason when the trades are crashing and free agency is rolling and the terrible signings are coming down in sheets thick as lead. Just remember what I said when the season starts and the poison takes fall from the Twitter, and the pillars of basketball shake. I look that internet troll right square in the eye and I say “give me your best shot pal, I can take it.”

1.) Los Angeles Lakers

2.) Milwaukee Bucks

3.) Los Angeles Clippers

Kurt Russell Archives - Player Attack

4.) Miami Heat

5.) Brooklyn Nets

6.) Denver Nuggets

7.) Boston Celtics

5 razones para amar u odiar The Hateful 8 (Sin Spoilers) - Bad Hair Days

8.) Philadelphia 76ers

9.) Dallas Mavericks

10.) Toronto Raptors

I'm your Huckleberry. Here's a bunch of Tombstone gifs |

11.) Portland Trail Blazers

The evolution of Kurt Russell's mullet | Movie News | SBS Movies

12.) Utah Jazz

13.) Phoenix Suns

Tombstone Laugh GIF - Tombstone Laugh Lmao - Discover & Share GIFs

14.) Golden State Warriors

Best Big Trouble Little China GIFs | Gfycat

15.) Houston Rockets

16.) New Orleans Pelicans

17.) Washington Wizards

Sylvester Stallone's reaction when Kurt Russell high fives him in the movie  Tango and Cash

18.) Indiana Pacers

Kurt russell GIF - Find on GIFER

19.) Memphis Grizzlies

20.) Atlanta Hawks

21.) Minnesota Timberwolves

22.) Sacramento Kings

By my powers combined, I will make you all appreciate Kurt Russell - GIF on  Imgur

23.) Orlando Magic

Excitement's My Game ▣ Kurt Russell Gif Spam 2

24.) Chicago Bulls

25.) San Antonio Spurs

26.) Charlotte Hornets

27.) Detroit Pistons

28.) New York Knicks

29.) Oklahoma City Thunder

30.) Cleveland Cavaliers

Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. If these rankings prove to be horribly wrong by the end of the season…call Adam Silver.