NBA Power Rankings According to the Roy Family (And Friends)

We’re a quarter of the way through the 2021-22 NBA season and like any good business, teams are evolving before our eyes. The Warriors’ stock is back to pre-Durant levels, the Suns can’t fucking lose, while the Lakers are just trying to survive the next shareholders meeting. But the fun thing about the NBA is that anything can happen over the next 60-plus games. Teams that have a hot first can still find themselves tanking at the season’s end, middling teams can get hot down the stretch, and injuries can and will wreak havoc on a team’s bottom line. As the calendar flips to December it’s time to buckle down, consolidate power, and for some, it might be time for a blood sacrifice to scrape their way into the play-in tournament.

1.) Golden State Warriors

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2.) Phoenix Suns

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3.) Brooklyn Nets

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4.) Milwaukee Bucks

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5.) Utah Jazz

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6.) Miami Heat

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7.) Chicago Bulls

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8.) Philadelphia 76ers

9.) Washington Wizards

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10.) Atlanta Hawks

an imbecility to make one afraid — Dad wants to stop me. Well, tell him to  get in...

11.) Los Angeles Clippers

12.) Charlotte Hornets

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13.) New York Knicks

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14.) Dallas Mavericks

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15.) Minnesota Timberwolves

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16.) Denver Nuggets

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17.) Boston Celtics

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18.) Los Angeles Lakers

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19.) Cleveland Cavaliers

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20.) Portland Trail Blazers

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21.) Memphis Grizzlies

22.) Toronto Raptors

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23.) Indiana Pacers

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24.) Sacramento Kings

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25.) San Antonio Spurs

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26.) Oklahoma City Thunder

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27.) New Orleans Pelicans

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28.) Detroit Pistons

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29.) Orlando Magic

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30.) Houston Rockets

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