All-Time NBA Mega-Draft: Coaches

All great teams need a great coach. To round out our mega-draft we decided to draft 30 legendary coaches, one for each team. We went in reverse order so Michael Jordan doesn’t get everything he wants.

Pick 1: San Antonio Spurs (John): Phil Jackson

Stats: 11 NBA Championships, 1155 Wins

The greatest coach of all time to everyone except Scottie Pippen.

Pick 2: New York Knicks (Phil): Gregg Popovich

Stats: 5 NBA Championships, 1310 Wins

Reigned over the Spurs dynasty for 20 years but hasn’t done much without Tim Duncan.

Pick 3: New Orleans Pelicans (John): Pat Riley

Stats: 5 NBA Championships, 1210 Wins

The true sex appeal of the showtime Lakers in the ’80s.

Pick 4: Los Angeles Lakers (Phil): Red Auerbach

Stats: 9 NBA Championships, 938 Wins

The Lakers getting the Celtics legend who tormented them 50 years ago is a perfect pick.

Pick 5: Orlando Magic (John): Chuck Daly

Stats: 2 NBA Championships, 638 Wins

Won with the Bad Boy Pistons, he can handle Iverson and Harden.

Pick 6: Oklahoma City Thunder (Phil): Steve Kerr

Stats: 3 NBA Championships, 376 Wins

Leader of the Warriors dynasty walked into a championship team.

Pick 7: Atlanta Hawks (John): George Karl

Stats: 1 Western Conference Championship, 1175 Wins

One of the best coaches to never win a championship.

Pick 8: Portland Trail Blazers (Phil): John Kundla

Stats: 4 NBA Championships (1 BAA Championship), 423 Wins

Won five championships before your parents were born.

Pick 9: Los Angeles Clippers (John): K.C. Jones

Stats: 2 NBA Championships, 553 Wins

Led arguably the greatest team ever with the 1986 Celtics, so he knows how to coach a super team.

Pick 10: Sacramento Kings (Phil): Erik Spoelstra

Stats: 2 NBA Championships, 607 Wins

Arguably the most underrated coach ever thanks to LeBron.

Pick 11: Brooklyn Nets (John): Don Nelson

Stats: 0 NBA Championships, 1335 Wins

Uncle Donny is going to start his own grow house on the sidelines of the Barclays Center.

Pick 12: Toronto Raptors (Phil): Larry Brown

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 1327 Wins

KG is probably going to go full Sprewell and choke the shit out of Larry Brown, and he’ll be out in two years.

Pick 13: Chicago Bulls (John): Lenny Wilkens

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 1332 Wins

A better coach than a player, and he’s a Hall of Fame player.

Pick 14: Cleveland Cavaliers (Phil): Billy Cunningham

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 454 Wins

See Lenny Wilkens.

Pick 15: Dallas Mavericks (John): Red Holzman

Stats: 2 NBA Championships, 696 Wins

Mark Cuban is going to love having a coach who doesn’t know what crypto is.

Pick 16: Golden State Warriors (Phil): Jerry Sloan

Stats: 2 Western Conference Championships, 1221 Wins

With Sloan the Warriors will get as close to a championship as a team can without ever actually winning one.

Pick 17: Memphis Grizzlies (John): Rudy Tomjanovich

Stats: 2 NBA Championships, 527 Wins

Hopefully, Michael Jordan will retire halfway through the season.

Pick 18: Washington Wizards (Phil): Jack Ramsay

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 864 Wins

Doctor Jack is just what the Wizards need to win their first championship since 1978.

Pick 19: Detroit Pistons (John): Rick Adelman

Stats: 2 Western Conference Championships, 1042 Wins

Rick Adelman will be fine if he remembers to play his best players more than half the game.

Pick 20: Boston Celtics (Phil): Bill Russell

Stats: 2 NBA Championships, 341 Wins

Bill Russell in Boston, what more do you need?

Pick 21: Houston Rockets (John): Doc Rivers

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 992 Wins

Doc won his championship with a big-three, now he has a big-15.

Pick 22: Philadelphia 76ers (Phil): Nick Nurse

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 138 Wins

The newest head coach on the list won a championship with Toronto which is all you need to know.

Pick 23: Minnesota Timberwolves (John): Rick Carlisle

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 836 Wins

Seems like he could actually be the savior the Timberwolves need.

Pick 24: Phoenix Suns (Phil): Mike D’Antoni

Stats: 0 NBA Championships, 672 Wins

D’Antoni back in Phoenix will be a beautiful thing.

Pick 25: Milwaukee Bucks (John): Bill Fitch

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 944 Wins

Dude just needs to corral Wilt, which shouldn’t be hard in Milwaukee.

Pick 26: Charlotte Hornets (Phil): Tyronn Lue

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 175 Wins

Ty Lue should just let Bill Russell coach.

Pick 27: Utah Jazz (John): Dick Motta

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 935 Wins

Magic is probably going to get Dick fired by Thanksgiving.

Pick 28: Denver Nuggets (Phil): Larry Costello

Stats: 1 NBA Championship, 430 Wins

LeBron is going to get Larry fired by Christmas.

Pick 29: Miami Heat (John): Doug Moe

Stats: 0 NBA Championships, 628 Wins

The Heat are going to score 180 points per game.

Pick 30: Indiana Pacers (Phil): Tex Winter

Stats: Assistant Coach with Phil Jackson for 9 NBA Championships, Triangle offense guru

Probably the best assistant coach of all time. Bringing him back to run the triangle with MJ will work again.