NBA Power Rankings According to Keanu Reeves

Strange things are afoot in the NBA. With just a month to go before the play-in games begin, there are still 7-10 most excellent teams with a chance to win the NBA championship, the rest are just dust in the wind dudes. Ii wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn’t be my style. Pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glory last forever. Here’s how the immortal Keanu Reeves sees the NBA with a month to go.

1.) Los Angeles Clippers

2.) Phoenix Suns

3.) Utah Jazz

4.) Philadelphia 76ers

5.) Brooklyn Nets

6.) Los Angeles Lakers

7.) Milwaukee Bucks

8.) New York Knicks

9.) Denver Nuggets

10.) Atlanta Hawks

11.) Portland Trail Blazers

12.) Dallas Mavericks

13.) Boston Celtics

14.) Memphis Grizzlies

15.) Miami Heat

16.) Golden State Warriors

17.) San Antonio Spurs

18.) Indiana Pacers

19.) Charlotte Hornets

20.) Toronto Raptors

21.) Washington Wizards

22.) New Orleans Pelicans

23.) Chicago Bulls

24.) Detroit Pistons

25.) Cleveland Cavaliers

26.) Sacramento Kings

27.) Minnesota Timberwolves

28.) Orlando Magic

29.) Houston Rockets

30.) Oklahoma City Thunder

Be excellent to each other and vaya con Dios.